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What To Expect

Engaging in individual counseling is making an investment in yourself. After identifying goals for your counseling journey, we will work to identify skills and strengths to utilize. In our sessions you can expect a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment in which you will have space to process negative experiences. Additionally, you can expect realistic feedback from me, along with tasks to support your healing journey. Together, we will work to accomplish your goals and improve your overall health and wellness. 

You can expect a variety of treatment modalities, depending on your goals and needs. We use IFS (Internal Family Systems), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), and KAP (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) to address difficult or complex symptoms, and pull from core tenets of relational therapy, feminist therapy, and choice therapy to round out our belief system. Regardless of modality used, we believe healing happens in relationships, whether that be with self or others. As such, there will be a heavy emphasis on ensuring you feel safe in the therapy room. 


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine has been researched as a treatment option for most mental health disorders. Today, there is a significant body of evidence to support its use in the treatment of depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, chronic pain  and obsessive compulsive disorder. Research suggests that ketamine is most effective when used in conjunction with traditional therapy modalities. 

I have partnered with a local prescriber to ensure the highest quality of care for my clients. Please note that fees for the prescriber are entirely separate from fees related to ongoing therapy and KAP work.

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Individual Counseling for Adults

Common Concerns:

  • Stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Struggles with relationships

  • Low self-esteem

  • Excessive worry or restlessness

  • Work/life balance

  • Life transitions

  • Finding purpose or breaking out of your "rut"

  • Grief and loss

  • Family and friend concerns

  • Self-Harm or suicidal thoughts

  • Substance use

  • Trauma

Online counselling

Individual Counseling for Teens

Common Concerns: 

  • Friends or relationship concerns

  • School or academic issues

  • Learning more about yourself

  • Self-harm or suicidal thoughts

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Excessive worry or stress

  • Making big life decisions

  • Self-love or self-esteem concerns

Substance Use

  • Are you newly sober and looking to maintain that lifestyle? Do you find yourself wondering “do I drink too much?” Do you ever miss work or personal obligations because you’re too hungover? Would you identify as “sober curious?” If any of these apply to, let’s chat about it. Getting and staying clean and sober require determination, grit, and a lot of hard work. I will walk along side you at every stage of sobriety (or lack thereof), helping you identify what goals you have for yourself and what role sobriety (or lack thereof) plays in your life.

  • Accountability for sobriety.

  • Redefining or finding your identity as a sober person.


Trauma Therapy

SKO Counseling utilizes traditional talk therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to support healing from traumatic events. 

The appropriate treatment modality will be discussed with each individual client and best course of treatment and modality will be determined by clinician and client. 

There is minimal evidence for contraindication in TFT, meaning it is safe, effective, and accessible to all persons in any stage of recovery. You will be guided through a series of self-tapping patterns and also receive a brief guide for you to use in between sessions. Benefits of TFT include that is appropriate at every stage of your recovery journey.


IFS requires individuals to connect with themselves in a new and powerful way. Healing is initiated within and begins with the assumption that every part of the individual is good and well-intentioned. Benefits of IFS include improvement of your relationship with self and that the mindset of IFS can be accessed between sessions.

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