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Shelly O'Donnell, MA, LPC, LCDC

Now accepting clients for ketamine assisted psychotherapy only. Virtual across Texas and Colorado and in person in Austin, TX

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About your therapist: 

Being a therapist is more than a career for me. I feel very passionate about the work we do together and I take this job very seriously. I am fully Team YOU! I will speak to you exactly how I'd speak to my loved ones. I will be direct, empowering, and encouraging at every step. I will be with you in the hard times and I will praise you in your wins. I will always prioritize your safety in our work, which includes making you feel seen, heard, and understood. It also means I won't get it right every time, but each time I do make a mistake, I will own it and will work to repair this with you. Therapy is a collaborative relationship that requires we trust and respect one another. You will (hopefully) find that I'm welcoming, warm, and tend to use heavy doses of humor to help with your healing. 

I received both my bachelors and masters degrees from Texas State University, the most beautiful campus in Central Texas. I use several treatment modalities in my work, including CBT, TFT, Existentialism, and Choice Theory. I integrate parts work into my practice as well and invite you to learn compassion and love for all of your feelings, tendencies, characteristics, and thoughts. My practice will always be a safe place for every person regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, creed, sexuality, religion, or other. I am LGBTQ+ allied and socially liberal.

About Shelly, the person: 

When not in the therapy room, I'm a bit of a homebody and a believer in fun. There's nothing I enjoy more than being home, snuggling on the couch with my partner, my dogs (Luna and Taco), and a warm cup of tea; that's my happy space. I won't turn down a chance for a great view, so when I travel, I tend to stick to the scenic routes and avoid cities. Rest is an incredibly important part of recovery, but sometimes I want to rest with a cup of coffee, overlooking a coastline. I love the smell of old books, freshly cut grass, and lavender lattes. I'm in a book club with my best friends and have voted myself "worst member" as I often get sidetracked and don't finish our assigned reading. When you recommend good podcasts, movies, books, and tv shows for me and I say "I'll add it to the list," it is added to a literal list that will never be completed. I have overwhelming gratitude for my small and simple life. I promise I will always try to pay forward my blessings, in and out of the therapy room.

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I feel understood when meeting with Shelly. She doesn't just say passive words but asks thought provoking questions. 


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